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Signmaker looking for an autonomous vinyl cutting software with a text editor

PRINT & CUT - Cutting software

Product information

EuroCUT Basic XT is a vinyl cutting software for daily tasks in a small advertising company; unlike CoCut XT, it can be used independently of a host program.

The Basic version is equipped with all the tools required for foil labeling and Print & Cut jobs.

A powerful text editor is a prerequisite for the professional use of fonts in signmaking.

Unique features

  • Fast and very precise vectorization
  • Flexible control of almost all cutting plotters on the market
  • Simultaneous control of several output devices

PRINT & CUT with EuroCUT Basic XT

In a modern signmaking company, the small series production of stickers and decals is part of the daily business. The production of stickers is quite complex and requires software tools tailored to this process.

The following tools enable design, preparation and cutting of Print & Cut jobs:

  • the text editor with special microtypographical functions
  • the bitmap and PDF import
  • the contouring of bitmaps
  • the outline tool for contouring fonts and vectors
  • the welding tools
  • the duplicates creation
  • the use of crop and alignment marks
  • the support for optical sensor systems in the device driver
Compared to CoCut Professional XT, EuroCUT Basic XT offers added value in terms of functionality and autonomy:
+ powerful text editor
+ integrated vectorization
+ fill and contour pen
+ integrated node editing
+ templates

Note: Operation, data import from the host programs (see below) - as well as plotter control - are identical for EuroCUT Basic XT and CoCut Professional XT.

Possible host programs for automatic data import:
- CorelDRAW* up to 2024
- CorelDesigner*
- Adobe Illustrator* up to CC (2024)
- Adobe InDesign* up to CC (2023)
- AutoCAD* up to 2024 / 2024LT
- Inkscape
System requirements:
- Windows* 7, 8, 10, 11
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