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PostScript Software RIP - Pjannto RIP

Pjannto RIP is a PostScript® software RIP characterized by
an outstanding price and an easy operability


Pjannto RIP - Request 30 days trial

Pjannto RIP 2 Standard

   - Virtual Windows driver
     for printing of raster and vector
     graphics out of any program
   - High-contrast and edge-sharp
     printing of line drawings
   - Printing without length limit
     (panorama printing)
   - Clipping
   - Printing in brilliant quality

Recommended for:

- Inkjet in- and outdoor printers
- Extension for inkjet printers
  without PostScript interface
- Architects, construction engineers
- CAD users
- Photographers, Photo printing
- Copy and poster shops
- EuroCUT or CoCut Pro users,
  who want to print in XXL

Pjannto RIP 2 Professional

   + Tiling (segmentation)
   + Network-compatible Virtual
      Windows driver
   + Drive multiple printers at the
      same time
   + Raster groups for EuroLaser

Recommended for:

- Signmaker
- Printing Services with inkjet
  large format printers
- Screen printers
- Industrial digital printing
- Drawing offices

For special purposes customized bundles are available!!

Why do I need a RIP?

Printers need the information which has to be printed converted into print dots depending on the resolution.

Printing of bitmaps is also possible with the driver included in printer package, as long as you are not very demanding on quality, edge sharpness, color resolution and speed.
Computing algorithms in the software RIP optimize output speed and quality compared to generic printer drivers.

Print applications for architecture, technique, construction and CAD benefit as well from the possibilities of a RIP. Technical applications like construction drawings and CAD prints require a high-contrast text and edge-sharp lines for line drawings. It also requires good color properties for constructional figures and templates. Via the virtual PostScript Windows printer driver of Pjannto RIP one can print directly out of AutoCAD or CATIA. Compared to the driver provided with the printer Pjannto RIP can print in any length and size (using tiling).

In order to output edge-sharp vector data, which were designed in usual layout programs e.g. CorelDRAW, Freehand, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and to use the scaling advantage of vector-based data, Pjannto RIP uses, just like any other professional RIP, the PostSript format.

In the figures below the logo 'Pjannto RIP' is a positioned EPS. With a simple printer driver only a bitmap preview picture of the EPS is printed (Fig. 1). With a RIP all vectors existing in the EPS file are printed in best possible quality (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1: Brochure printed with simple printer driver

Fig. 2: Same brochure printed with a RIP

Professional RIPs use color profiles for the 'true color' output. They ensure a 'true color' and high-quality print result. For each printer/ink/material combination a color profile must be generated. Also for cost effective types of paper an individual profile can be made, with which one can cut down costs.

RIPs ensure an optimal control of all usual color printers with the respective machine-specific possibilities.

Who can benefit from usage of RIP software?

Basically everybody who wants to print vector data and edge-sharp letters. All who want to output photos and bitmap data as real as possible (true color). For jobs where printing speed is decisive. All who own a digital printer without PostScript interface. All who want to print without length limit from a roll. All who have to segment jobs.

This could be:

Advertising agencies, architects, artists, construction engineers, copy shops, decorators, designers, digital printers, do-it-yourself stores, evaluators, photographers, real estate brokers, retail store chains, screen printers, signmakers

Product info

Pjannto RIP is made for users of inkjet, laser, thermo transfer and solvent printers. Its professional functionality allows usage of newest generation printers - especially large format printers. It supports printer parameters like 6 color support, variable dot, cut off, media heating, form feed correction etc...

Its excellent price/performance ratio makes it very interesting for owners of older digital printers from Encad, HP and Epson.

Before printing side previews are generated. Pjannto RIP jobs are preinterpreted in order to decrease waiting time. This increases productivity because preinterpreted data is stored and can be printed with different resolutions, sizes, print parameters without time consumption.
Productivity is strongly increased by storing the before-interpreted data. Each job, which was already once interpreted or printed, can always be printed again without large delay. This applies, even if scaling, resolution or other print parameters have changed!

Pjannto RIP prints directly bitmap formats (JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, GIF, BMP) besides EPS, PS and PDF.

Pjannto RIP file types

An additional universal printer driver can be used from all common illustration programs, e. g. Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDRAW, and also out of Photoshop or Acrobat.

Pjannto RIP stands for affordable PostScript® quality.

Basic features:

  • Scale, rotate, mirror, multi copies, positioning
  • Printing via Windows driver or via drag & drop
  • Printing via USB, Firewire, COM, LPT or TCP/IP, Printserver
  • Color management with density correction, linearization and gamma correction
  • Standard ICC profiles can be embedded
  • Controls all usual kinds of raster in exceptional quality, like error diffusion and auto typical point or ellipse raster. The special color step optimized auto typical raster method allows extra fine raster resolution with even transitions in gradient fills.
  • Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Variable Dot and related color control in brilliant quality
  • High speed (prints while ripping)
  • Prints in optimal quality (e. g. sharp font edges, included EPS graphics are printed accurately)
  • PostScript level 2 RIP
  • Printing from all MacOS X programs via TCP/IP network
  • Easy installation of new printer drivers and calibrated materials
  • Clipping
  • Set different clipping signs
  • Set different POS marks of the different cutter manufacturers (for Print & Cut)
  • All options are adjustable for professionals

Additional features 'Professional':

  • Segmentation of oversized formats - tiling
  • Printing via local network
  • Virtual Windows driver for printing out of any program is network-compatible
  • Drive multiple printers at the same time

Exemplary Program Windows:

Pjannto RIP Software RIP - Main Window

Fig. 3: Production mode window with print queue and printer controls

Pjannto RIP - print options

Fig. 4: Setup dialog for print output

Clipping and Tiling

Pjannto RIP - Clipping

Fig. 5: Clipping selection for removal of white areas and for proof

Pjannto RIP - Tiling

Fig. 6: Segmentation of oversized formats via automatic tiling

Pjannto RIP - Extended Settings

Fig. 7: Output options with extended setup dialog for professional users

Pjannto RIP - Plot Manager
Fig. 8: Plot Manager with unfolded device tree structure
Pjannto RIP - Task Bar Icons
Fig. 9: Info field with icons for Pjannto print engine, Pjannto Plot Manager and Pjannto Virtual Printer

Pjannto RIP offers a special Plot Manager whose job queue allows to print jobs as often as one wants. Plot Manager permits the configuration of devices and ports in networked working areas.

Pjannto RIP Software Suites:

Suite 1 with vector based design software - The package for all who want to print, compose and serialize.
Pjannto RIP Print & Design Suite Pjannto RIP - EuroCUT Design

Suite 2 with cutting plugin - The package for all who want to print and cut.
Pjannto RIP Print & Cut Suite Pjannto RIP - CoCut Standard

Suite 3 with design and cutting software - The package for all who want to 1. print, 2. cut and 3. compose.
Pjannto RIP Master Suite Pjannto RIP - EuroCUT Basic

Supported Printers:

- AGFA Sherpa 43

- Canon imagePROGRAF 700
- Canon imagePROGRAF 710

- ENCAD Chroma 24
- ENCAD NovaJet 2
- ENCAD NovaJet 3
- ENCAD NovaJet 4
- ENCAD NovaJet 500
- ENCAD NovaJet 505
- ENCAD NovaJet 700
- ENCAD NovaJet 730
- ENCAD NovaJet 736
- ENCAD NovaJet 750
- ENCAD NovaJet 850
- ENCAD NovaJet Pro 36
- ENCAD NovaJet Pro 42
- ENCAD NovaJet Pro 50
- ENCAD NovaJet Pro 600
- ENCAD VinylJet 36

- EPSON Stylus COLOR 640
- EPSON Stylus COLOR 1520
- EPSON Stylus COLOR 3000
- EPSON Stylus Photo R2400 (incl. film printing)
- EPSON Stylus Pro 7000
- EPSON Stylus Pro 7500
- EPSON Stylus Pro 9000
- EPSON Stylus Pro 9500

- HP DesignJet 500 (PS)
- HP DesignJet 750 C
- HP DesignJet 750 C Plus
- HP DesignJet 755 CM (PS)
- HP DesignJet 1055
- HP DesignJet 2000 CP
- HP DesignJet 2500 CP
- HP DesignJet 3000 CP
- HP DesignJet 3500 CP
- HP DesignJet 5000 (PS)
- HP DesignJet 5500 (PS)
- HP DeskJet 600

- Mimaki JV-1300
- Mimaki JV2
- Mimaki JV3-75SP II
- Mimaki JV3-S
- Mimaki JV3-SP
- Mimaki JV4

- Mutoh Albatros PJ-1304NX
- Mutoh Falcon RJ-4000
- Mutoh Falcon RJ-4100
- Mutoh Falcon RJ-6000 Plus
- Mutoh Falcon RJ-6100 Plus
- Mutoh Rockhopper I (38'', 54'')
- Mutoh Rockhopper II

- Roland CAMMJet CJ-60
- Roland CAMMJet CJ-70
- Roland CAMMJet CJ-400
- Roland CAMMJet CJ-500
- Roland Hi-Fi Jet FJ-40
- Roland Hi-Fi Jet FJ-50
- Roland Hi-Fi Jet FJ-52
- Roland SOLJET PRO III XC-540
- Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-540
- Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-640
- Roland SOLJET PRO III XJ-740
- Roland VersaCAMM SP-300 (V)
- Roland VersaCAMM SP-540 V
- Roland VersaCAMM VP-300
- Roland VersaCAMM VP-540

- Summa DC2
- Summa DC3

- Zünd EuroLaser (engrave and cut)
- Zünd UV-Jet 215C

For the following printers please contact
our technical support (eMail: support@pjannto.com):

- Canon imagePROGRAF 500 / 5000 / 5100 /
  600 / 6100
- Canon imagePROGRAF W6400 / W8400

- ENCAD NovaJet 880
- ENCAD NovaJet 1000i
- ENCAD NovaJet Pro 60

- EPSON Stylus Pro 4000
- EPSON Stylus Pro 7600
- EPSON Stylus Pro 9600

- HP DesignJet 10 (PS)
- HP DesignJet 20 (PS)
- HP DesignJet 30
- HP DesignJet 130
- HP DesignJet 800 (PS)
- HP DesignJet Z2100 (PCL3GUI and HPGL/2)

- Mimaki JV22
- Mimaki JV33
- Mimaki JV5

- Mutoh Falcon RJ-8000
- Mutoh Rockhopper II K Plus
- Mutoh Rockhopper III

You cannot find your printer?
Please contact our technical support: support@pjannto.com

System requirements:

Operating system:
- Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
  Vista, XP, 2000


Specific features:

A so called reference file permits 'transport' of complete print environments including printer driver, printer setup, material setup plus density correction and print configuration setup.

With the Summa DC3 thermo transfer printer its refined print raster and its overprint function is supported.

An interface for colorimeters, which can be used to generate individual color profiles, is implemented for X-Rite DTP 32 and DTP 41. Manual input of density values possible.

Service Releases can be easily downloaded using Live Update feature.


30 Days Trial Version

Drivers and Profiles


- Manual
  (1.068 kB)


- Software RIP

Pjannto RIP 2 Standard
Pjannto RIP 2 Professional

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