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      Printing out of any software, but without tiling
              e. g. architects, construction engineers, AutoCAD/CATIA users
              --> Pjannto RIP 2 Standard
      ..., for bigger designs, but with tiling and network option
              --> Pjannto RIP 2 Professional
      Print & Cut - with additional contour cutting plugin
              for sticker and label production, Doming
              --> Pjannto RIP Print & Cut Suite

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Pjannto RIP 2 Professional:
PostScript Drucksoftware
1190.00 EUR
Pjannto RIP 2 Standard:
PostScript Drucksoftware
729.00 EUR
Pjannto RIP Print & Cut Suite:
Pjannto RIP 2 Pro + CoCut Standard - PostScript-RIP mit Schneide-Plugin
1290.00 EUR

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Free of charge installation service - Pjannto RIP 2 Professional
Please contact us, if installation or operation of the software do not work as expected. We are happy to help with the start-up of the appropriate software for you.
Free of charge linearization service - only for 30 days trial

Linearization means determination of optimal color density and generation of an appropriate material profile. Base is a color chart test print on the used printer. The color chart is included in the downloaded Pjannto RIP. A detailed description follows in the e-mail with your 30 days trial code. You send us your color chart test print and we generate a free of charge material profile for you.

PS: The use of a suitable material profile is crucial for the print quality. An optimal printed result only thus can be reached and print quality of Pjannto RIP can be really judged.


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